Cinematic Thinking and Design

The following lists on-going research projects:

STORIED OBJECTS (Forthcoming book by Hyun-Yeul Lee, Ph.D.)

Audio Bench Photograph

Photo: The Bench and the Human are listening to their every day.
Exemplary Project: The Audio Bench; Audio Time-lapse. [c] Hyun-Yeul Lee, All Rights Reserved.

When objects share their every day stories with their human encounters, we (human encounters) gain new perspective on how we make sense of our every day interactions and the every day world. The book explores Design Thinking in context of time, and examines how cinematic thinking contributes to objects having narrative continuity. Studies of person-and-object relationships reveal selectivity and the role for story. A future of objects is imagined.

documentaryMapper (For the Living Observatory)

documentaryMapper Interface Screenshot
Active Research Project:
Collaborators: Hyun-Yeul Lee, Glorianna Davenport

We are physically sensing a landscape in South Eastern Massachusetts and capturing and connecting streams of live data to an immersive experience online. What stories will emerge from the landscape? Users will be able to explore, discover, and understand the evolving eco-system. Users will be able to share their experiences; experiences are captured as storied paths and shared with scientists and other inquisitive minds.

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